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Here be Wraith – that is, not yet but some time in the future. On this webspace, you're going to find an interactive trip through the whacko Hive 53. When you can see this page, I'm still messing around with stuff in the backend. Or having a cup of coffee. Or out with my dog for a walk. But be assured, somehow work is still proceeding. Announcements of the possible launch date will be posted on the main site and on its various connected social media channels.

UPDATE May 2020: What a crazy year this has been so far! I'd hoped I could tell you better news by now, but unfortunately, things have come to a stop as far as this project is concerned. Please stay safe and healthy, everybody! +++ UPDATE January 2020: Added status bar to show that things are, indeed, progressing! +++ UPDATE September 2019: It's Hive 53's 11th birthday, hooray! Head over to my main website to browse the latest news and sneak images for this project! +++ UPDATE May 2019: The current chapter of Hive 53 will soon be finished, this will free up more time so I can work on content here. Yay! UPDATE March 2019: I have a new time schedule that allows me to work more regularly on the content. I'm going to need a beta tester some time in the future +++ UPDATE  January, 1st 2019: Happy New Year, everybody! The interactive trip through the hive is advancing quite good, the only drawback is, since it's a huge project, I can't really share something now. I can only launch it once it's complete – you'll see what I mean when it's finally coming! [EDIT: changed order of status updates so it looks more like something's actually happening] + + + UPDATE November 2018: *random chirping noise* Still working on content but making good progress! +++ UPDATE June 2018: See above, still working on content. Wraithy storylines are forming. +++ April, 11, 2018: Content is coming along nicely. +++

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